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Home: Your here!  Our Main Page with the latest news about updates to the site and other features including the "You Decide" poll!

Information: Information about Today's 121st, The Victorian Society, and the 9th Ohio Light Artillery.  This also includes what we do and information on how to join!

History: This is the research and history section, you will find Letters from one of the 121st's original members, Official reports, a regimental history of the 121st, and an online picture tour of the Perryville Battlefield.

E-Mail Contacts:  This section contains the e-mail addresses of all the members of today's 121st that have e-mail. Contains: New material.

Schedule: Here you will find our current up to date 1999 Schedule as well as past schedules, so that you may see what we will do and what we have done in the past.

Pictures:  Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures.  This area has pictures from Gettysburg '96, Shiloh (aka Mudloh), Lexington S.C. lots of pictures from local events, as well as Pictures from the 135th Antietam event, and also our VERY popular Gettysburg 135th Pictures.  (Featured on Dakota State University's Civil War Page!!!).

Reports: This is where you can read the after-action reports that we write after events that we attend.

AoO:  Army of the Ohio, This page contains the rules and guidelines of the organazation as well as a 1999 schedule, Contact Roster, Bulletin Board, and a news page that will keep you up to date on the latest happenings within the Army of the Ohio. Contains: updated material.

Real Members:  This is a very special section, where people have submited information and pictures from relatives that served in the 121st.  Their memories are honored here.

Civil War News:  This area will keep you up to date on Civil War News in Ohio.  You will find the latest information from local newspapers, Battlefield Preservation, and about anything else that is happening dealing with the Civil War today.

Discuss:  Here you can discuss the 121st in general, or anything else Civil War or re-enacting.

Exchange:  This is the home of the Union Banner Exchange, its free and increases traffic to your website.

Get Books:  You can help support us by checking out this section.

Links:  Here is our collection of links.  A new type of linking page will be online soon, allowing viewers to submit links in a yahoo style database.

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